Summery yummies and lovely mood at café Siiri

Open Tue-Sun, soup lunch Tue-Wed and Sun

St. Birgit Memorial Church

Service on Sundays and lots of other events

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Best events are found in Lempäälä

Tourist information from Ideapark and online

Leaflets available at B- and C-aisles, more info:

Vaihmalan Hovi- Hotel and Bistro

Beautiful countryside, lovely and unique view.

Lempäälä Health Spa

Sauna and pleasure with natural methods

The Home of Ti-Ti Nalle Family

Unique and fun experiences for families

Särkänniemi Zones

More fun, more everything!

Cause of pandemia we have to prepare also in #Lempäälä municipality and therefore many gatherings will be cancelled. Our #tourism #information contact number is, tel: +358503839068 and e-mail address:

Pandemiatilanteen vuoksi #Lempäälä´ssäkin joudutaan varautumaan, joten paljon tapahtumia peruuntuu. Tästä selviämme #yhdessä. Netti ja puhelin toimivat #kyllä. Yhteystietomme: ja puh. +358503839068